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At YourGuru, YOU are a brand.

Our platform is designed to help you increase your visibility, easily grow your business and create loyal clients.

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Present Your Entire Practice

Show availability for private sessions anytime and anyplace. List workshops, bootcamps, or trainings that you offer outside of companies you work for. Present your schedule at organizations you work with.

Business Education & Resources

Practitioners with decades of experience in health, fitness and business teach you how to succeed. Attend webinars and take classes with successful health and wellness practitioners while receiving personalized guidance on how to build your practice.

Join An Exclusive Community

Join the only community of professionals across the health, wellness, and fitness spaces. Build relationships, share knowledge, create cross-promotion and collaboration opportunities, and feel the support of those just like you.

Increase Class Size

You increase your class size when you provide students/clients a great experience, they talk about it, and the people they talk to can find you easily. We offer the tools to do it.

Be Easily Found

Put up a compelling profile in under 15 minutes.

Post Your Schedule

Leverage our calendar and let students know where you are

Get Data To Personalize Instruction

Know that 40% of your class has ankle pain, or 60% want to reduce stress.

Request Sharing and Recommendations

Take control of word-of-mouth. Ask your biggest supporters to talk about you, and know if they’ve done it.

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Photo - Daphnie Yang

YourGuru has been very helpful in keeping me connected with students from my group classes and helps me learn more about them individually.

Holly Jean Cosner

Increase Your Income

To increase your income, offer more to existing clients or find new ones. List your services and we'll help you understand what more your current clients want and help you to find new ones.

Ensure You're Known and Look Professional

Complement your web page or get a powerful profile up fast!

Post Price And Availability

Let prospective clients know when you’re available and how much you charge.

Get Data So You Know How To Expand Your Services

70% of clients interested in nutrition? Offer nutrition services or search our database for a nutritionist to partner with.

Let Your Clients Boast About You

Use our simple tools to help clients talk about you, and know when they've done it.

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Photo - Daphnie Yang

This is such a professional way to keep everything managed...[YourGuru] adds a level of professionalism to the transaction.

Daphnie Yang

Promote Yourself

Take control of your own promotion. Using our powerful tools you can ask clients or students to talk about you to their friends and know whether they’ve done it.

Request Your Clients Promote You or Write A Recommendation

Take control of word-of-mouth. Ask your biggest supporters to talk about you, and know if they’ve done it.

Network with Colleagues

Use our super-simple networking tool to find other experts who could refer clients, be partners, or otherwise help you build your business.

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Reduce Hassle

Overwhelmed and need some help keeping track of it all and reducing the aggravation? Our simple tools help you keep organized and on track.

Calendaring & Scheduling

Our simple to use calendar allows you to show private session availability, workshops and bootcamps, or your in-gym/studio schedule. Simply point, click, and enter.

Last minute cancellation protection

Stop worrying about flaky clients! If you or a client reserve using our calendar, we'll send them a reminder 30 hours before the session. We'll charge them at the 24 hour period, but if you want to accept their excuse you can simply give them a credit for another session.

2-3 day deposits to bank account

Whenever you submit a charge through YourGuru, money will be in your account within 2-3 business days.

Easy Package Tracking

Charge a package then easily reduce the number of sessions left and you and your client will get a record.

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Photo - Daphnie Yang

YourGuru has helped me keep my clients on track to achieving their health and wellness goals.

Dana Slamp

Deepen Client Relationships

Your student/client relationship is your most valuable asset. The more value you can offer, the stronger the bond.

Connect With Clients and Students So You Know Who They Are

Your relationship with clients and students deepens the more you know who they are and what they want.

Clients Want A Trusted Advisor

Be it! Be the connector. Use our neworking tools to build your contacts and let clients search your community.

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