FAQs for Clients


What is YourGuru?

For clients/students, YourGuru provides one location where they can easily connect with their experts, update them on changes in their condition, view their schedules (across gyms/studios), book sessions, search for gurus in different fields, and interact with classmates.

How do I get a quick walkthrough of the YourGuru website?

To get a quick walkthrough of the website, click on your profile image icon in the top right corner. Then click on Tour to be taken on a quick step-by-step tour of the website.

How do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile, scroll to the top right and click your picture icon and then click on “profile.” You will be directed to your profile, where you will see the Edit Profile tab. Click on this tab to update your current pains, goals, interests, zip code, and profile picture.

What information about me can my gurus see?

A guru that you are connected to can see the general information that you fill out when you create a profile. This consists of your picture, interests, pains, goals, and other information your gurus should know.

Will other students/clients be able to see the personal information I submit?

No. The only thing that other clients/students can see (unless you choose to remain anonymous) is your profile picture and your first name.

Can I make myself anonymous?

Yes. If you do not wish to have your picture or name show up on the site then you can elect to be Anonymous by choosing that option under the Edit Your Profile tab.

Why should I write a testimonial about my guru?

Testimonials are great ways to show your appreciation to the people who help you maintain a healthy life. The number of testimonials that your guru has also affects how high they show up in search results. The more testimonials your guru has, the more likely he will be referred to other potential clients.

What is the Dashboard?

You should think of your Dashboard as your command center. Just like the command center of a ship, your dashboard is where you will captain your ship. YourGuru built your Dashboard so that you could have everything you need to stay connected with and book one-on-one or group sessions with all of your fitness and health professionals. You can easily view each of your guru’s calendars, see other clients who are in the same class with you, and start discussions or activities.

What are “New Experiences Based on Your Interests?”

This is our recommendation center. Here we can recommend activities that we think you might be interested in. For example, if you say in your profile that you are interested in volleyball, we will show you the volleyball instructors in your area. If you tell us you have back pain, we might show you the massage therapists in your vicinity. If you tell us your goal is to lose weight, we might recommend both a health coach in your area (since a significant amount of weight loss can be accomplished through better eating) and a personal trainer.

Search & Connect with Gurus

How do I search for a new Guru?

YourGuru gives you the ability to search for new experts by the activities they teach or perform, the time that you are free, whether you are looking for a private session or class, and by who they know that you already know and trust (e.g. your existing instructor or therapist). If you are new to the site, YourGuru recommends searching with less specific parameters. Try searching by activity and zip code to start!

How do you rank the gurus in the search results?

YourGuru provides a number of ways to sort gurus. If you sort based on Popularity, YourGuru returns the gurus with the highest number of peers plus clients/students connected with them. If you sort based on # of Testimonials, YourGuru returns the gurus with the highest number of written testimonials.

How is the Guru Quick Search different from the search tools on the home page?

When you click on the Your Gurus tab at the top of the screen, you will be directed to the Guru Quick Search page. This is a more specific search tool where you can also search for an expert based on their gym/studio affiliations.

How do I connect with my current guru?

You can immediately connect with your guru if you search for their name in the search bar on the YourGuru home screen. If you cannot find them, it means they may not have registered a profile yet.

How do I accept/deny a connection request from a guru?

When a guru asks to connect with you, you will receive an email invitation to connect. If you click on the link in the email, you will be directed to the Connections component of the website. You can always accept/deny which gurus would like to connect with you.

How do I invite a guru to connect with me on YourGuru?

To invite a guru, click on the “Add a Guru To Your Team” button on the dashboard (or click on the “Your Gurus” section of your navigation bar). You will see a button that says “Invite and Expert to Join YourGuru”. Follow the steps and your guru will get an email from you ( potentially personalized from you) asking them to create a profile and to connect.

Your Schedule

How do I view my schedule?

By clicking on the “Your Schedule” tab, you can view your upcoming schedule for the week. This will show all of the classes and private sessions that you have for the week.

I don’t see any classes in my schedule. How do I edit my class enrollment?

It means that you have not enrolled in one of your guru’s classes. To edit your class enrollment, click on the Dashboard tab and then the Edit Class Enrollment tab. You will be directed to your profile and should see which classes your gurus teach.

By enrolling in my guru’s class, does that mean I am checked into their class at the gym?

No. We are not a 3rd party check-in system. Please still go onto your gym/studio’s website to make sure you reserve your spot on a daily basis. By enrolling in your guru’s class, you become a part of that classroom community outside of the gym or studio.

Book Sessions

How do I view my guru’s calendar?

Once you two have connected on YourGuru, your guru’s profile will show up in your Dashboard. Click on his or her image to view their calendar, book sessions, view their community etc.

How do I book a session with my guru?

You can book a private session with your guru if he or she has availability listed in their calendar. If availability is listed, you can reserve a time that works for you.

What if there are no available private sessions listed on my guru’s calendar?

If you do not see any availability listed, we give you the ability to “nudge” your guru. You can do this by clicking on the Book Sessions tab followed by the Click Here to nudge “Guru’s Name”.

What is a package?

Packages are packages of 5 or 10 private sessions that your gurus can offer you sometimes at a discounted rate.

How long do package session credits last for?

Package session credit expiration is up to the discretion of your guru. The general expiration of a package credit is 6 months from purchase date. But this is something you should discuss with your guru as they may each have different policies.


Who is in my community?

Your community consists of peers who either attend the same class as you or have the same guru you do. You can see the names and faces of your peers with the exception of those who choose to remain anonymous.

Who are my peers?

Your peers are other people who attend the same classes with you or share a guru.

What can my peers see?

Your peers can only see your profile picture and your first name. If you’d like to remain anonymous, please refer to the What is the Anonymous setting FAQ below.

What is the Anonymous setting?

If you do not want other peers to see your picture or name, you can choose to remain anonymous. To activate the anonymous setting, go to your profile and select Edit Profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Profile page and check the box that says “Make my profile anonymous.”

How do I view my community?

To view your community, click on Your Peers at the top of the page next to the $ icon.


Where do I find/write my messages?

To write/view your messages, click on the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. It is to the left of your profile picture icon. Then click on the messages tab to be directed to all of your messages or to write a new one.

What are Discussions?

Discussions are group messages that you or your guru can start with your community. Your Guru can post a message to a class discussion forum and all students affiliated with that class will have the ability to respond with their feedback.

FAQs for Gurus


What is YourGuru?

YourGuru is a social platform for connecting fitness and wellness professionals with their clients. For the guru, YourGuru provides a one-stop shop that offers the ability to earn more money, get more clients, reduce admin time, and get to know your students/clients better.

What is my Dashboard?

You should think of your Dashboard as your command center. Just like the command center of a ship, your dashboard is where you will captain your own ship to a healthier you. YourGuru built your Dashboard so that you could have everything you need to market yourself, track business, and understand your clients all in one place. The closer your percentage tabs get to 100%, the closer you will be to securing a healthier business for yourself.

How do I Promote Myself?

By completing the tasks listed under the Promote Myself in the Dashboard, you will be on your way to showing up higher in client search results, being easily identified by current clients looking to connect, connecting with your peers in other fields who can help you grow your client network.

WIll YourGuru work on every internet browser?

YourGuru does not support IE8 and IE9. For now, thank you for being patient and feel free to use YourGuru, uninterrupted, on Google Chrome and Safari among others.

Will other students see who is in my private session?

No, only you and your student in that private session will be able to see the details of the private session.

Can students view the profile pages of other students in the same class?

Students can view pictures of other students in the same class, they can see their names, but they cannot see their profiles. Only you, as the instructor get to see your students’ profiles.

Can students communicate with other students in the same class?

Yes, one of the nice features of YourGuru is that, as in real life, students can communicate with others in the same class. However, if a student leaves that class, they will no longer be able to communicate with students in that class.

What if one (or a few) of my students don’t want to be seen/known by the rest of the class?

Some instructors have asked this question because they either have celebrities or intensely private individuals in their classes. While we are considering an Anonymous Mode, for now such folks can simply not share their picture and enroll under a false name. As long as the instructor knows who that person is the same benefits can be derived.


How do I enter a class in my calendar?

To enter a class in your calendar click on the “Your Calendar” tab located towards the top left of your navigation toolbar. You will then be taken to your weekly schedule. From there you can hover your mouse over a certain time and day that you want to schedule a session. When you have found the time(shown along the side) and day(shown along the top) you can click on the calendar to schedule it as either a “Class Session,” “Private Session,” or that you have “Availability for a Private Session.” Once you pick the session you want to schedule, you will then be prompted to give it an event name, reconfirm the time and date, choose its location and you will be given the ability to repeat the session weekly on your calendar.

Do my “Available for Private Sessions” show up on my students’ calendar?

Your Private Session Availability only shows up on your students’ calendar if you have enrolled in the EasyBook™ program. In EasyBook™ we help you to “advertise” your private session availability. That includes having your availability be ever present on your students’ home page, but also reminding students periodically, and non-intrusively via e-mail that you have availability. To register for the EasyBook™ program go to your Home Page and click on the Boost Income (will soon be changing to EasyBook™) button on the left side of the screen.

Why isn’t my calendar letting me schedule a class?

There are some browsers that are not fully compatible with our platform yet. IE 8 and 9 are currently two of the browsers that we know of where the calendar does not function properly, which is why we recommend using a different browser for YourGuru. If you find that you are still experiencing problems please contact us at info@yourguru.com.

Why doesn’t the calendar let me schedule sessions when I want them?

While our calendar is very easy to use, it does take a little getting used to. For a good overview of how to use the calendar please watch the short video on the Calendar tab.

Peer Connections

Why would I use Your Connections?

Your Connections is like your shoebox for all the peer instructors you come across because you never know when a contact might come in handy. It is a well organized, easily searchable database of the folks you meet. The more instructors you are connected to the easier it makes it to get and give referrals. In addition it can make searching for peers who can sub for you simpler. Job searches can become less challenging. And referring students to instructors in other cities becomes much easier as well.

How do I increase the number of Peers in my network?

Simply connect with them or invite them in! Click on Peer Connections and then click on Search YourGuru for Peers to view current experts already in our network. If they are not on YourGuru, click on Invite an Expert to YourGuru.

Why does it say I have 0 Connections?

Once you have completed populating your online instructor profile, you will need to invite peers and students/clients through their email to increase your connections. If they already have a profile, you will be connected immediately. If they do not have a profile, you will be connected as soon as they sign up.


What is my Income Dashboard?

Your Income Dashboard is everything you need to conduct your private training and/or wellness appointments. You have the ability to set your availability to take on new clients, schedule future sessions for your existing clients, easily charge and get paid by a client after a session, and track your own revenue for your personal records.

What is my Billing History?

Your Billing History is a compilation of all of your private and completed transactions since joining YourGuru. We provide this to you so that you have them for your own records in case you need them. And, it’s sweet to see how much money you’ve made!

Why does it say I have $0.00 waiting to be transferred into your bank account?

If the amount waiting to be transferred is higher than $0.00, it means that the weekly billing cycle may not be completed yet. YourGuru transfers your earned money weekly and not at the time of each completed sessions. The weekly billing cycle runs Saturday 8am - Saturday 8am. Your earned money will be transferred into your bank account 2-3 days later ( generally Tuesday morning). If you believe there has been an error on our part, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-697-0927.

What is the “Charge a Session Now “ button?

The “Charge a Session Now” button allows you to immediately bill your client upon the completion of a session. If you have a last minute booking that did not occur through our system, we still give you the option to bill your client by using this tool. Simply fill out the “Charge a Client” page and your client will immediately receive a notification to pay. No need to run off to the ATM! This takes less than 2 minutes to complete!

Why do I need to enter my Bank Account Information?

The only way for us to seamlessly deposit your hard earned money into your account is by entering your Bank Details upon clicking on the “Enter Direct Deposit Info” on the Income Dashboard. We use a 256-BIT Encrypted payment system, meaning your information will always be confidential.

What is “EasyBook™?”

The “EasyBook™” feature is how we help you make more money. In EasyBook™ we help you manage cancellations by giving your students 24 hour notice, after which, if they cancel they will still be charged (we take their credit card). We subtly and tastefully advertise your private sessions. We help to reduce the amount of time it takes to negotiate date/time, location, and price on private sessions. In some instances this can be done as fast as one click! And we reduce admin time by providing summaries of money you’ve earned and the number of students paying you, etc. We’ll even deposit your money directly to your bank account and save you the trip!

How do I set/hide my prices?

Underneath the Shortcuts tab in your Income Dashboard, you have the option of setting your average price per session by clicking on “Set Price.” With our help, we will market your price to potential clients and your current clients. If you do not wish to market your price, simply checkmark the “Hide my prices” box.

Why should I “Add Availability to Calendar?”

By adding availability to your calendar, YourGuru can help you increase your number of private session bookings. YourGuru will market your availability to those students connected to you and will also match you to new clients whose own availability matches yours.

Group Profiles

What is the Group Profiles page and why is it useful?

The Group Profiles page is a compilation of all the data on your students. When students build their profile, they will be able to select goals, age, gender, and where they have body pains so that you can add personal attention in your workout for them. Looking at an overview of your classes can help you to figure out which exercises are appropriate for the class. For example, you wouldn’t do a lot of planks if 60% of your class claimed shoulder pain.

Can I see which students are referred to by the graphs or charts?

Yes! For example, if it seems like 6 students in your class have “Shoulder Pain,” simply click on the words “Shoulder Pain” and you will see the names and faces of the students who have shoulder pain. Click on those and you will be able to see their profile.

Can I separate Group Profiles based on classes?

Yes, under the Group Profiles page, you can click on the drop-down arrow located to the right of the page to show a list of the current classes you teach. Then you can select a specific class you’d like to see the overall profile of.


What do I need to know about starting a Discussion?

When you start a discussion, you’ll need to choose a specific class that you wanted to send a piece of information to. You’ll then need to select a class from the dropdown menu, select a topic, and then write your message, Some example discussions can be about letting your class know a sub will be teaching, suggesting a certain theme for the class, sending out recovery tips, sending out your playlist and so much more!

Who can see and respond to my Discussions?

Only the students affiliated with the class that you start the discussion with can see the thread. And, only those affiliated with the class can respond to the discussion. This can help facilitate a community out of the gym!

Why should I search for my Peers on YourGuru?

By searching and connecting with your peers, you will start to begin your own electronic phonebook in which you can easily communicate with people who are your mentors/friends as well as those you met at a conference last month. These peers also help you show up higher in search results by writing testimonials for you to help verify your credentials. The more peers and testimonials you have, the higher you will show up in search results.


How do I send my student(s) a direct message?

By clicking on the “Message” icon located in the top right corner of the page, you will be redirected to “Your Messages” center. You can reply to a message a student has already sent you or you can start a new message by clicking the “New Message” tab on the right.

Will my messages ever be deleted?

YourGuru will not delete your messages, although we may archive them. You are the only one who can delete your messages in the Message Center.