Amp Up Your At-Home Workout With These New Online Fitness Platforms

Serious athletes will love the ability to find coaches and trainers nearby in all different sports and disciplines. Get clued in on classes and small group training in your neighborhood, or link up with a trainer to help you work on your backstroke. Build your network of gurus and see who friends are training with.

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A new fitness era, where trainers call the shots?

Nt Etuk, Co-founder and CEO of YourGuru says “A lot of instructors, trainers, therapists, etc., are really great at what they do. But because they’re not trained in business, they can’t translate that into an ongoing revenue stream. I thought, ‘How do I give these gurus the ability to create and manage their businesses? To just do what they do well and take the business logistics out of it?’”

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Addicted To Wellness?

YourGuru is like the Angie's List + LinkedIN of fitness. As a "buyer", you don't have to google search for local workouts anymore...or take a chance on a trainer that your gym matched you up with ('cause you know they didn't give it more than 2 seconds of thought). Instead, get fitness solutions and options from people you trust. Or do a little research yourself by checking out local YourGuru profiles.

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