Company Description

YourGuru is a trusted marketplace and social platform for the health and fitness industry.  YourGuru allows clients and students to discover, connect with, and book health and fitness experts, while simultaneously allowing gurus to grow their businesses, and connect with clients and each other to build meaningful, beneficial relationships.


Nt Etuk bio

Nt is co-founder and CEO of YourGuru. He drives the company’s vision, strategy, growth, and product development. Nt and Holly met when he asked her to become his private Pilates instructor as he moved to strengthen his core and speed his recovery from Plantar Fascitis. Holly introduced Nt to Carmel, a friend. Many conversations about the state of the health and fitness industry, the challenges instructors face surviving in it, and the challenge of finding great instructors ensued, and the idea for YourGuru was born.

Nt is a serial tech entrepreneur having founded and run the ground-breaking educational videogame company DimensionU. He remains Executive Chairman of DimensionU.

Holly Cosner bio

Holly Jean Cosner is co-founder and Advisor to YourGuru. A Pilates, Yoga and Barre instructor with over 16 years of teaching experience, Holly is a former professional dancer who performed with several ballet and modern dance companies in the US and France. She is the creator and co-author of the book PeeWee Pilates: A Pilates Workout for the Post-partum Mother and Baby.

Holly Jean works with many professional athletes and celebrities and has been featured in Glamour, Shape, Fit Pregnancy, and Pilates Style magazines. She has also appeared on Access Hollywood, the CBS Morning show and Good Day New York.

Carmel Louis bio

Carmel Louis is co-founder and Advisor to YourGuru. Carmel is the Founder and owner of Core Evolution studios in Chicago and the Executive Director of Deeply Rooted Dance Theater. She is also a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, teaching dance, exercise, and movement therapy for over a decade. She is a classically trained and contemporarily informed teacher, fusing the clarity of the classical tradition with anatomical and kinesthetic precision.

Discover New Experiences

  • Weekly updates on great new health and wellness activities you can do alone, or with others

  • Find unique activities (e.g. snow polo)

  • Book complementary activities (e.g. book a health coach to support your goal to lose weight)

  • Book relaxing activities to reduce your stress (e.g. massage)

  • Plan activities ahead of time for vacations (e.g. book hiking in the Grand Canyon)

  • Find new activities you always wanted to do (e.g. archery)

  • Find activities you never knew you wanted to try (e.g. trapeze)

  • Find activities you can do with friends, family or special others (e.g. hiking, massage)

  • Find activities you know you need to improve in (e.g. tennis)

Search for Gurus / Add A Guru to Your Team

  • Unique search capability

    • Search through your trusted gurus’ networks to find new gurus
    • Search for who teaches your favorite classes
    • Search for who has private session availability
    • Be able to search within your gym for that alternate Boot Camp class
    • Search by your available time

Bring your existing Gurus into a community focused on YOU

  • Gather all of your gurus in one place

  • View your gurus’ calendars across the organizations they work with so you can always find them

  • Easily view their open availabilities and book times with them

  • Keep documentation in one place for all your injuries/challenges – just invite new Gurus to see your history, in one place

  • Re-evaluate the way you do membership – search for the best instructor first THEN join the club at which they teach

Easy and convenient booking and payment

  • Easily see your Guru’s private session availability

  • Pay from your phone – no more running to the ATM

Build Community

  • See who’s in your Guru’s communities

  • See who’s in your classes

  • Know who has similar interests


We only make money if private sessions are booked through our system. You make money, we make money.

Grow Private Client Business

  • Grow Private Client Business

  • More easily sell packages – get paid upfront

  • Managed/Enforced 24 hour cancellation policy

  • Grow your network of peers and get referrals

  • Allow clients and peers to easily endorse you

  • Have an easy to understand formula for moving to the top of search rankings

  • Understand who is actually paying you money so we can send similar people to you

Grow Class Size

  • Build community – discussion boards

  • See names, faces, profiles, group profiles

  • Know how to please your groups/classes

Manage Your Business Better

  • Convenience – direct deposit to your account

  • Get to know your clients better

  • Personalize your instruction

  • Managed/Enforced 24 hour cancellation policy

  • Reduce administrative time by 3-5 hours per week

  • Easy bookkeeping

Deepen Your Connection With Your Clients/Students

  • See names, faces, profiles, group profiles

  • Know how to please your groups/classes

Personal Promotion / Build Your Personal Brand

  • Create a Google searchable profile in 15 minutes.

  • YourGuru will bring thousands of people to view you

  • Build your business from the ground up – word of mouth starts with your clients or your students. Two things: 1) Provide a great product, 2) Give your clients the ability to speak about you easily in a way that other people can see. By offering attached testimonials and attached recommend button we basically give you, your existing clients’ audience