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Pain brought me to yoga. Svaroopa Yoga brought me from pain, to ease, stamina, and even bliss. I had struggled for years with Lupus and Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. I tried so many things; doctors, osteopaths, nutritionists, massage, weekly injections, medication...anything that helped, didn't help for long. I was so discouraged and exhausted!

Through consistant practice, yoga therapy and the support of the Svaroopa Yoga community, my whole world has changed. I remember what it was like to be limited. I had so much pain and fatigue that climbing a flight of stairs was daunting. I remember distinctly, how I felt the day I ran up a flight of stairs easily....I looked back down the stairs and realized what yoga had given me....I had my life back! Of all the things I had tried, Svaroopa Yoga is the only thing that works reliably, every single time.

All the hours of extensive training and experience have prepared me to work with people in pain. I've helped people battling cancer recover their strength, well-being and even their appetite. I work with people who have addiction, anxiety/depression, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, spinal fusions, cancer, back pain, chronic fatigue, arthritis, etc.

Over a year ago, I spent 5 consecutive days with Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati during Vichara Therapy Training. During that time we uncovered my deepest pains and negative patterns through Vichara. Shortly after that training Nirmala bestowed upon me my Sanskrit name....Padma. My last name was my married name. I came upon "bliss yoga" as this practice is often referred to after the end of my marriage. Perfect how things work out.

As she describes the meaning.....
Padma is the 11th of Lakshmi's 108 names.
It means, the Lotus blossom that rises from the muddy pond,
Ever perfect, without a single drop of mud on it's petals. lovely it is to be seen as such. Thank you Nirmala.

Om Svaroopa Svasvabavah Namo Namaha
"I bow again, and again, to the inherent essence of beingness within myself and within all existence."

This practice changed my life, now I am honored to bring it to you. I offer Embodyment(R) Yoga Therapy, Svaroopa(R) Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Vichara...which reaches your deepest tensions...through your mind!

When sharing Svaroopa Yoga with others I often tell people....I'm always amazed... but never surprised.

I look forward to meeting you.
Padma Bliss


  • Embodyment(R) Yoga Therapy,
    Yoga Therapy

  • Certified Vichara Therapist. This is yogic talk therapy. It's like yoga for your mind unraveling your unwanted patterns. Very effective over the phone.

  • Former Massage Therapist, Medical Assistant.

  • Svaroopa(R) Yoga Instructor

  • Former Massage Therapist, Medical Assistant, lab technician, Nursing Assistant


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